#27 THIS IS (MARCH) MADNESS!!! (with Eric Stephens)

Mark is joined by Eric Stephens from the podcast File Under: Entertainment to discuss sports.

This is madness! Madness? THIS IS MARCH MADNESS! Today’s episode is all about the Men’s College Basketball Tournament and we are psyched! LET’S GOOOOO!!! March Madness Fever, Final Four Picks, Surprise & Sleepers, Seamheads Rejoice Baseball is Back Baby, LSU Tigers are Dead Men Walking, Best Sports TV Show of All Time, Calvin Ridley Bets on Sports Gets Yeeted Out the League, and Tom Brady Goes Full Jordan Belfort. Taco Thursday Awardage & More! Today’s episode was brought to you by The Shib Army #SHIB #MarchMadness #BradyWontLeave

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