#35 ROCK CHALK, JAYHAWK TITLE, Greatest Sports Video Games, and Pokémon Cards (with Eric Stephens)

Mark is joined by Eric Stephens from the podcast File Under: Entertainment to discuss sports.

Tar Heel Implosion 1st half 40-25 | 2nd half 69-72! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Herschel Walker Read in Front of a Mirror, Deshaun Watson is an Adult, Everyone Left LSU, Fred Taylor Took Dirty Money, Buddy Book Club MM Champion, UNICEF & Joe Dirt and Who Needs The Loving Forgiveness of Christ When You Have Squirtle. The Greatest Sports Video Games of All Time & More! Today’s episode was brought to you by The Shib Army #SHIB #MarchMadness #Kansas #SportsVideogames

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