#76 NFL Show | Fantasy Football Special and Hard Knocks Episode 4

Mark is joined by Jared from the podcast Feathers & Friends to discuss professional football.

FANTASY FOOTBALL SPECIAL EPISODE 2 of 2! Best Fantasy Football WR/TE/Defense, Predicting Division Winners, QAarnon Rodgers on JRE, Packers/Chiefs Non-PI Call, Gruden Shrills Fake News, Baker Mayfield Vendetta, Aaron Donald Terrorizing Offenses, Partial NFL Highlights, Total Lions Wins In 2022, Lamar Jackson Wishing For a Trip To South Beach and Hard Knocks Episode 3. Tons Of AntiVax Information & More! Today’s episode was brought to you by NerdGambler #NerdG #NFL #HardKnocks #FantasyFootball

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