#83 NFL Show | Russel Wilson Still A Nerd, Tuscaloosa Tua, and Tyreek Hill Still Pining Away For Mahomes

Mark is joined by Jared from the podcast Feathers & Friends to discuss professional football.

Ayahuasca Celebration For Getting A (Fake) First Down! Tom Brady Betrays Edelman, Russel Wilson Is Still An Android, Week 2 Review, Tyreek Hill Creeping On Mahomes, Waddles Needs To Tuck In His Shirt, Stefon Diggs Woke Up And Chose Violence, Week 3 Preview and Bills@Fins Game of the Week. The Kyler Murray Argument & More! Today’s episode was brought to you by NerdGambler #NerdG #NFL #WEEK3 #BillsFins

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