#87 NFL Show | Mahomes Is Some Kind of Wizard, Cardiac Cats Go To Balti-Murder, and Brady Won’t Bang His Own Wife

Mark is joined by Jared from the podcast Feathers & Friends to discuss professional football.

Cardiac Cats Go to Balti-Murder For Our GOTW! Mahomes Makes Madden Plays Every Week, Trouble In LA LA Land With The Rams, Tom Brady Has Never Lost 3 In a Row, Best Surprises of September, Deebo Trolls Ramsey, Week 4 In Review, Fan on the Field Gets BTFO, Week 5 Preview and Picks, and Joe ‘Cool’ Is Back for the Bengals. Baker Mayfield Is a Short-King & More! Today’s episode was brought to you by NerdGambler #NerdG #NFL #Week5 #BengalsRavens

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