#91 NFL Show | Amazon Hates NFL Fans, OJ Threatens the Show, and Let’s Ride (Sad Bronco Noises)

Mark is joined by Jared from the podcast Feathers & Friends to discuss professional football.

Chiefs@49ers Super Bowl Payback? Steelers QB Controversy, Worst NFL Games We’ve Seen, 22′ Division Winners, Tie Dye NFL Gear, Fix the Packers With This One Simple Trick, Driving 15 Hours to Ball Out, Let’s Ride (sobs), Kicking Against the Wind, Amazon Black Friday Stinker, Week 6 In Review, OJ Threatens the Show, Eagles Are Undefeated/Unstoppable and Chiefs/9ers is our Game of the Week. Peeing In a Bottle Like an Amazon Driver & More! NerdGambler #NerdG #NFL #Week7 #Chiefs49ers #LeaveTOMBRADYalone #OJKilled2People

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