#93 NFL Show | Brady/Rodgers DED?, NFL Conspiracy, and Russell Wilson’s Dangerwich Disaster

Mark is joined by Jared from the podcast Feathers & Friends to discuss professional football.

Tom Brady In Danger of Losing 3 In a Row and Aaron Rodgers & The Pack Have a Must-Win! AB Continues To Troll TB12, Brittle Bones McCafrrey Shows Off New Number, Russell Wilson Has Dangerwich Removed From Subway Menu, Baker Mayfield Also DED, New Helmets, BTFO By YUGE HITS, Week 7 Roundup, Week 8 Preview and Predictions and Pack@Bills Is A Must Win GOTW. Put On Your Tin Foil Hats Because Ex-NFL RB Says Games Are Scripted & More! NerdGambler #NerdG #NFL #Week8 #LETSRIDE #PackersBills #Dangerwich

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