#118 Harbaugh Hamburger, CFB Offseason, and NHL Check-In

Mark is joined by Eric Stephens from the podcast File Under: Entertainment to discuss sports.

Offseason starts right friggin now! Screw Job @ the Shibbies, Neck4EVA #LSU, Most Underrated Sports Movie, DnD vs Fantasy Baseball, Florida N-Word QB Might Go to HBCU, College Football Fight Club, Bird BIRD Energy, Jim Harbaugh Violation Burger and NHL Check-in & NCAA Men’s College Basketball Check-In. If you can’t pass the Duke Quiz – YOU SHALL NOT PASS & More! – “What’s Wrigley Watching” is Presented By Chewy.com – Today’s episode was brought to you by @ShibToken & The Shib Army #SHIB #SHIB2MOON #EDMONTON #NCAAMBB #NHL #OFFSEASON

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