CFB Show Success & Comeback

You can call it a comeback, I’ve been away for years!

As the CFB Show with Eric Stephens has taken off I’ve had a lot of listens and feedback on old episodes which has been wonderful. It’s not so great for the long-form pivot I was planning for but sometimes great stuff happens to even the most detailed plans.

So the question comes down to how to proceed. I’ve talked with Gump & Team and based on the amount of fun I’m having, the sports talk format staying!

The Tuesday show will be more ‘Mark’ heavy as I’ll probably be flying solo and Thursday we’ll have the CFB show which I’m hoping to keep even after the CFB season ends (hope Eric likes CBB!).

Hopefully we’ll be able to mix in some long form interviews under the “After Hours” banner (on the same feed) so listeners still get two great shows per week but receive an additional treat every now and again.