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?Hey Yo,
Sorry we missed you last week, a ton of last minute technical issues came up but we made up for it with an YUGE™ amount of content. We are reaching levels of production that no one thought was possible ? – could a Tuesday show be arriving in the future? ???

Our friend Rev from YSP who previously stopped by to play Mock My World in EP#20 joined Mark for a long conversation about conspiracies, stand-up comedy, homelessness, the Super Bowl 56 halftime show, and then they dive into the absolutely bonkers sex scene from Showgirls.

If you haven’t already, check it out now – #22 EMS After Hours | #1 Rev (Yeah, So?) (Spotify | Apple)

?️ Co-Host & Golden Domer
As always Eric Stephens, one-half of the File Under Entertainment podcast team and keep your prior marriage a secret enthusiast, joined me for Thursday’s episode. Please check out his podcast File Under Entertainment and specifically Mark’s favorite episode 
If you haven’t already, check it out now #23 Awkward Movie Sex Scenes, Fight’n Juwan Howards, Lock Out Stalemate, Let’s Try the USLF (again.) (Spotify | Apple)

?Evil is Available & Mock My World is Back Thursday
‘Evil Mark’ is now accepting bookings to appear on other podcasts as a guest. You can get more Mark (since he won’t do his Tuesday show) by reaching out to your OTHER favorite shows and telling them you need more EVIL in your life. Refer them to
Lastly, Mock My World is coming back this Thursday 3/3/22 and we are going to be joined by Jared from Feathers & Friends and esteemed associate producer GUMP from
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Be Ungovernable, be uncompromising, but above all be kind.
‘Evil’ Mark Hammond