Know Your Host – 100 Question Challenge


Eric Stephens is the co-host of the podcast File Under Entertainment and a Notre Dame & College Football Analyst.


  • Dec 2. What’s your favorite song right now? – Bells in Santa Fe by Halsey. “An absolute banger.”
  • Dec 2. Who was your childhood hero? – Spiderman
  • Dec 2. How do you want to die? – Will myself to die with my wife like in The Notebook but a close second is to cage dive and get eaten by a Great White Shark.
  • Dec 9. What is your favorite episode of any TV show? – S4 E1 “Zoo” Malcolm in the Middle. “It’s hilarious!” – Eric did a breakdown of this episode on the Life is Unfair podcast.
  • Dec 9. What sports franchise are you secretly a fan of? – Philadelphia Flyers even though he lives in Chicago Blackhawks country. 
  • Dec 9. What athlete are you secretly a fan of? – Kris Bryant. “As long as he doesn’t go to the White Sox or Cardinals, I’ll always root for him.”