Know Your Host – 100 Question Challenge


Mark Hammond is the host of the sports talk podcast The Evil Mark Show and a notorious broadcaster, comedian, and degenerate.


  • Dec 2. What’s your favorite song right now? – Mississippi or Me by Riley Green. “Love most songs with a state in the title.”
  • Dec 2. Who was your childhood hero? – Daryl Strawberry. “Loved his swing and loved the 1986 Mets.”
  • Dec 2. How do you want to die? -A shootout with the ATF. “This is every Libertarian’s dream so of course I’ll probably die because I refused to wear my seat belt.”
  • Dec 9. What is your favorite episode of any TV show? – S6 E12 “Home the Great” The Simpsons. “As someone in a fraternal organization myself, I loved the good natured jabs at the seriousness.”
  • Dec 9. What sports franchise are you secretly a fan of? – New York Jets. “Love the misogynist fans and out of control negativity.”
  • Dec 9. What athlete are you secretly a fan of? – Nate Robinson. “The only Huskie I can stomach.”