What’s Wrigley Watching

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WWW is America’s Favorite Cat Based Podcast Trivia Game designed to test your knowledge of College Football’s greatest moments and games.

Wrigley is always wanting to be a part of the show, which is why he’s lent his paw of approval to our tacos. He is spoiled and has his own room, and his own tv and dvr, which he’s been using to watch sports to try to contribute, which is awesome, but, unfortunately, he’s a cat, so he’s not the best at communicating. Maybe YOU, dear listener, can help Mark and I piece together…What’s Wrigley Watching?

Play every Thursday by listening to The Evil Mark Show and emailing your answer to show@evilmark.com


  1. 12.9.22 | TBD | TBD
  2. 12.1.22 | Eddie in Billings, MT | 2019 Egg Bowl